Mesa 2010

August 26, Dana Park

Posted in Mesa 2010 by plumboz on September 9, 2010

Traveling south on Val Vista Rd. between Southern and Baseline, just past the entrance to the freeway, you can’t miss this tower at the northeast corner of Dana Park. Shops and restaurants dominate this commercial property, although I did see a few other businesses such as a chiropractor, an orthodontist and a couple of offices I wasn’t sure what sort of business was being transacted there.

When the weather is reasonable, which is most of the year around here, there is a whole lot more foot traffic at Dana Park than, say, downtown Mesa. Folks going to restaurants, window shopping the stores, sitting out in front of A.J.’s Fine Foods and dining al fresco at any of the wide variety of restaurants. There are quite a few empty store fronts here, but the overall impression is upbeat and more than a little upscale.

The nice, big Barnes and Noble store is one of our favorite places at Dana Park.

Most of the empty storefronts have posters reminding you of what can be found in either direction.

Lots of fountains and potted plants. I like the patterned drive.

Shakespeare’s Pub and Restaurant is the second British Isles tenant for this location. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the original place, but it was of the UK variety also. Believe I had a shepherd’s pie there once. I hope Shakespeare’s fare is tastier.

I didn’t find much in the way of hometown Mesa shops. I guess that should be no surprise. Here is Anthropologie. Never been inside one myself and they weren’t open yet when I took these photos (gotta get out before it gets too toasty!). Place looked pretty interesting from the outside. I expect it’s a bit beyond my budget, though.

I can’t resist shots with parked bikes, so there was no way I was passing this one by. Sweet Age is the shop. I’m not sure if they are local or not.

The European Wax Center is offering a special for first time guests, but from what I understand of the Brazilian procedure they are advertising, you’d think they would pay a person more than $19.50 to subject themselves to it. Of course I could be misunderstanding the sign. They could mean that the special price applies to Brazilian customers only. I’m thinking that might be a limited clientele base here in Mesa.

Pei Wei is one of our go-to restaurants. Good food, usually quite quick, and non-scary prices.

Girly Girlz has a sign in one of the unoccupied windows at the other end of the center indicating they are “around the corner”. It was actually quite a hike.

Dana Park has these public service Anti-Drug signs distributed liberally around the property, although I thought the slogan was “Speed Kills”. In any case, Sauce is another restaurant we have tried. I like their prosciutto and melon pizza.

Storables came and went in pretty short order. The place was a knock-off of my beneficent day (and sometimes night) job employer.

As is the case with most of these centers, the perimeter has a fair sprinkling of eating establishments. We tried Five Guys once a while ago. It was good. Not what you’d call health food, but good.

We’ll end this tour with a shot of AJ’s Purveyors of Fine Foods. This is the quite definitely upscale part of the Bashas’ grocery store empire. Bashas’ has been having a tough time lately, going into Chapter 11 and subsequently trimming its workforce substantially and still having its struggles with certain creditors. We’ll see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, if you want a decadent pastry to take home, I like their bakery.

So long from Mesa.


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