Mesa 2010

McKellips west of Lindsay

Posted in Mesa 2010 by plumboz on September 9, 2010

And east of Almond Grove. Which, by the way, is not a through street.

I’m thinking this must have at one time been home to a fruit stand. Lots of tree stumps and the building looks like it would have been the place of commerce once upon a time. Now it’s just kind of, well, sitting and waiting for really good wind to knock it over.

Art of Tuscany sells all manner of stone stuff with which to do stone stuff things. But just in case anyone should see the name and think they are anything but All-American, the feather flag should convince them otherwise!

Art of Tuscany shares this sign space with ATF Transmission Shop, Martin’s Auto Repair, Joe’s Auto AC and Herlehy’s Auto Repair. Another sign for Herlehy’s just to the left of this collection assures one that the place is under new ownership and lower prices are in effect.

This is a sidewalk view into the Conquistador Mobile Home Park. Nicely landscaped.

Across the street is the somewhat more modestly attired Sunset Mobile Park.

And then there is the Rio del Oro park. Are you getting the idea that this stretch of McKellips has a lot of mobile homes? True enough.

But it also has apartments.

And over at Almond Grove, you have some larger abodes.

Although the primary election has passed, you can’t go very far without seeing a whole bunch of campaign signs. Some just get the candidates’ names out there, maybe give a qualification or two.

Some think it important to include innocent women and children in their advertisements. One AZ candidate in another congressional district tried this sort of thing posing with his nieces. Or perhaps they were professional models. Or local children promised a pass on the AIMS test if they cooperated. In any case, they weren’t his daughters. The candidate’s name? It escapes me at the moment but I remember it had both a bird and a spelling challenged vice-president association.

These two gentlemen desperately wish to lead the crime fighting struggle in our great state. I trust they have a good grasp of what is legal. Ethical, I’m not so sure.

Moon Valley Nurseries has a nice big presence on the south side of McKellips.

East Valley Mustang

And this part of Mesa also has a prominent water feature…..

No, wait a sec, that’s Oceanside, CA.

There we go.

There aren’t too many places you can go in Mesa without seeing an LDS spire.

One more mobile home park shot. Trust me, you’re getting off easy.

So long from Mesa!


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