Mesa 2010

Sept 9 Falcon Field

Posted in Mesa 2010 by plumboz on September 9, 2010

Falcon Field opened in 1941 as a training base for RAF pilots. I’ll bet they hated to leave the sunshine and orange groves, but we know why the chaps were training in the first place, so I imagine their stays were all too short before gruesome festivities of WWII called them away..

When we moved here in 1960, Falcon Field had become a municipal airport of modest ambitions and was also home to a nice park that was dominated by the Falcon Field swimming pool, which I believe was first built during the war to serve the recreation needs of the cadet pilots. As I recall, it was a nice pool and our family used it frequently. It is not there anymore. Shame.

On the opposite corner of Falcon Dr. and McKellips Rd. is an establishment called The Monastery. I do believe drinking goes on there.

In the park today you can see the fireplace that had been a part of the cadet rooms building. Just standing out there with a few plaques on it.

Mostly the park consists of palm tree clusters like this one, some ramadas for picnicking, a children’s playground and public restrooms.

There are quite a few businesses lining Falcon Dr, including a Cessna dealer and Hertz. I have rented a few times from Hertz, but the last time I did they did not have the type of vehicle I had reserved and so they “upgraded” us to a Grand Marquis. I will never forgive them for that.

Helicopter and what I assume is a WWII aircraft of British ancestry.

Falcon Field is also home to the Commemorative Air Force Museum. I did not have the time to take a tour, so we’ll schedule that for another installment. But I did get a few shots around the exterior. This is a close-up of a huge propeller that stands guard near the entrance. It is from a B-29 bomber affectionately christened “Fifi”.

A view from back aways.

Aircraft on a stick and, curiously enough, one of those bits of artillery designed to shoot aircraft out of the sky. What a clever species we are!

From Mesa, AZ. So long and see you later!


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